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It all starts with education. I never tie with anyone who does not understand the risks involved. I do not entertain “that looks pretty, can I do that?” I take safety seriously. Have you researched this? talked to anyone? tried it before? read books? I will answer any and all questions – I try to be as transparent as possible.

Coming from a strong photographer background, with the no touch policy drilled in my brain, my early attempts at rope did not carry the feeling and emotion I had hoped for. The images looked very cold and calculated.

Over time I have shifted from photographer to rigger, in order to start producing images that I was happy with. I had to change my mindset – along with the way I portray what I do. I am a kinky rigger who documents a session with photos. Touch is inevitable when applying rope – if that bothers you, find a magician.


questions, questions, questions...

I have cultivated these questionnaires that I require all that I work with to fill out prior to the first session. There are so many gray areas in kink, I want to hear from you so that we can put some clarity to that.

Suspension is suspension but the way you get there can be so varied. Many equate bondage to sex. It can – but more so, it doesn’t have to. Some liken it with pain and punishment. It can – but it can also be sensual and relaxing. Impact involves physical contact – hands, whips, canes, floggers… the force of impact or lack thereof can create different feelings, trigger different emotions. Do you like to be touched softly or manhandled? All these become a little more clear from the questions I ask of you.

There is a form for a top (Rigger) as well, in case you wish to have me, or another fill it out so that you can properly vet for your experience.


discretion guaranteed

The detailed information you provide in this form (in confidence) allows me to determine your experience level, expectations, desires and how to best assist you after the session. I hope that this interview process provokes you to do the same to me. I want you to feel free to ask me as many questions as you need to feel comfortable.

I do not provide references as I can hand pick those. If you want to contact people I have worked with, check out my IG feed and pick a few people at random (I don’t suggest the ones you see over and over – the are likely regulars).

I have also created a form for bottoms to use for vetting a rigger. Feel free to download and use these. My hope is that it they will spark the conversation needed to create a comfortable space for both parties involved.


know who you are tying.

know who you are tying with.