Why rope?

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Working with VirtuousEvil was an absolutely incredible experience! I was nervous for my first tie but he was professional right from the start. I’m glad he went through a full questionnaire with me to ensure he understood what I was comfortable with.

The studio was clean, he took the time to explain what was happening, and he checked in with me verbally throughout the process to ensure I was enjoying myself. Afterwards he provided me with water, fluffy blanket, and my favorite tunes on the speaker. Since my first tie, I’ve been back several times and am excited to continue.

in the beginning...

Prior to 2010 I had a very different view of BDSM, kink and other related things.  I was employed by Research In Motion (BlackBerry) at the time and was in a very structured environment, where there was little room to think outside the box.

Needing a creative outlet, I dove a little deeper into photography and opened an adult toy store.  Originally, there was no cross between the two.

I had a neighbor move in next door, who came over to introduce himself, and asked what I did (while looking at my vehicle).  I told him and he simply stated that we would quickly become friends.

one knot started it all...

Shortly after meeting my new neighbor, I found out he was a respected Dom in the local community.  He introduced me to many other like minded individuals and mentored in the art of rope.

I started watching and shooting, to document.  All this did was peak my interest.  I started tying.  I have not looked back.

Further to rope, I learned many other things like proper safety and techniques for wax and knife play.  I attended as many workshops and seminars as possible.  I was a sponge for information.

fast forward 8 years...

After tying, reading books, watching videos and attending workshops for about 8 years, I began suspending.  Feeling I had a good respect for rope, safety and communication, it was the next logical step.

Since then I have had work published in magazines, introduced many new bodies to rope and attended more workshops.  I am now teaching private and group sessions, passing on my knowledge those entering the scene, as I did, several years ago.

Ready to book?

Please have a look at my #playsafe page to read up on how to book a session.  There are also resources available for you to use in vetting another rigger.

I would far sooner someone be informed and choose to not work with me than have a session go bad due to lack of planning and communication.